What is Magnus?


Magnus has been created to define the universe of Robotics and AI automation for investors and organisations. Magnus is also the first truly decentralized network of intelligent AI agents, Robots, Sensors, hardware and humans creating a global market for knowledge, skills and processing power.

Magnus is a hybrid token - it has both utility and usage. In addition the Magnus token would be tradable for 2 year lease of popular robotic platforms. We would be getting more companies into the collective as the collective grows.


When is the Token Sale? How long it will be?


The Magnus token Pre-sale 1 begins on February 5, 2018 and runs through March 16, 2018 or until hard cap is reached. We will accept ETH . We have Pre-ICO phase that starts first followed by a Main ICO that opens on February 15th.


What is the structure of the token sale, and how can I contribute?


We target to raise 48000 Ether through our crowd-sale. 59,100,000 tokens will be issued, which will be distributed among participants through Token Sale. 

Those participants who contribute during the Pre-ICO will be awarded with 60% bonus in extra Magnus tokens in addition to allocated Magnus tokens.

One month after the Pre-ICO sale we expect to keep launch the main token sale .


What is the hard cap? What is the token price?


The hard cap is 48000 Ether. 59.1 M MGS tokens are being sold. There are 118.2 M total MGS tokens.


When is the Pre-sale?


The pre-sale is currently scheduled to open on the 5th February 2018. Our restricted whitelist will have a different date and the participants who have registered for this is advised to look out for mails from us detailing this.

Please email [email protected] for more pre-sale details and to participate.


 Are there discounts?


The participants in our Pre-Sale will receive a 60% bonus during Pre-ICO.

There after the main ICO contains 5 phases where the discounts range from 40% to 5% in the following phased manner.

Bonus First 2 Weeks 02/05-02/14 60.0%
Bonus First 48 Hrs 02/15 - 02/16 40.0%
Bonus Week 1 02/17 - 02/23 30.0%
Bonus Week 2 02/24 - 03/02 20.0%
Bonus Week 3 03/03 - 03/09 10.0%
Bonus Week 4 03/10 - 03/16 5%

What is the utility of the token?


Right now we are focusing on two main token dynamics:

Primary: MGS can be used to lease Robotics platforms of various providers.

Secondary: MGS tokens are used for incentives to grow and ensure stability of the network. MGS tokens are used to create demand in the Robotics and AI marketplace. MGS tokens are the primary mode of interaction between the various actors in the network.


Is Magnus funded by reputed investors? Are people working on it full time?


Magnus has backing from reputed tech investors and leading accelerators in the US including Plug and Play Ventures ( A #15 ranked national accelerator ) , and others. We have 15 full time employees working from our Palo Alto and global locations.

Our global team, advisors and investors can be found on our homepage: https://www.0xmagnus.com


Is your project open sourced?


You can view our code at www.github.com/magnuscollective.



When will tokens be distributed from the token sale?


There will be up to 3-4 weeks between the token sale and distribution. We've been advised that this is the best way to ensure the distribution is smooth for everyone who contributed.


What is the difference between Magnus and other AI solutions on blockchain?


The main difference is that while there are a lot of funds, and A.I. specific platforms ; we are the only platform with a core focus on Robotics and AI. We give community the tools to allow our users make their investments and hence capture their own upside.

We have reputed partners in the ecosystem already and have multiple working prototypes of our product.